We talk to Tom Falconer of Claremont Corvette, in Kent, UK, about his truly unique engineering prototype 1973 XP987 GT Corvette, and have a look all over the car.
Many Corvette enthusiasts are probably unaware of this steel bodied, rotary engined car’s existence.

Fire Burnouts at Dragstalgia 2014

Dragstalgia 2014, and the Saturday finished with five fire burnouts. Here they all are, but do hang around for number five! John Everitt sat in the flames for an eternity before hitting the load pedal and getting out of there. Very spectacular, but he may need a trip to the paintshop! Thanks to Colin Theobald and Darryl Bradford for the commentary, and Julian Parsons at Nitro FM 96.2FM for giving me that audio.

CWB 10 Tore Skjaerstad’s 76

Here’s a car that did very well at the 2014 CCCUK Nationals, taking the “Best In Show”, and “Best Paint” trophies. It belongs to Tore Skjaerstad and was built by Claremont Corvette in Kent, UK. We talk to Claremont’s owner and CWB regular, Tom Falconer about this extraordinary and stunning car.

This is the first of two bite sized webblasts. Please let us have your feedback. If you like them we will do more.

CWB 09 The CCCUK Edition

In CWB 09 we talk to Keith Beschi, a long-time member of the CCCUK. Keith has a very interesting and rare ZR1/LT5 “Mule”, -a car used for development. This was found in a scrapyard and had come from Lotus UK who had done that work. Keith used as many original bits as possible along with parts from a donor car of similar age to rebuild it. It’s the earliest known LT5-powered car, and also the first UK registered car to be displayed at the Corvette Museum. We also briefly talk about Tom’s Rotary Prototype car too.
CWB 09 is our first webcast where everyone in it is a member of the CCCUK. With Rob having the least amount of CCCUK years under his belt at 17, and Tom a founder member, there was collectively a fair number of membership-years amongst us (Rob, Gary, Tom, Nigel and Keith), so we also discuss the history of the CCCUK, and why it’s a great idea to be part of it. Released just before the CCCUK 2014 Nationals.


CWB 08 Harlan Charles 2

Last time we spoke to Harlan was before the C7 was released. Now it’s out there we hear how it’s doing, and also hear about the options on the Z06. Also, as a member of the Corvette Museum’s board, Harlan tells us about the sink hole, the new race track and what being a member can mean to a Corvette owner.


The 2014 Season has begun

Next Tuesday 6th May we are recording our first WebBlast of the 2014 season.

As always Rob Ashard will be joined by our usual team Tom Falconer and Gary Garwood and we will have a special guest live from the USA.

If you have talking points or technical questions drop us a line and we will try and include them in the recording.
Our email is

The show should be up by the end of next week so keep watching!

Bakersfield 2013 Cacklefest

The Corvette Web Blast was at the California Hot Rod Reunion’s October Meet, 2013. Here’s our coverage of the superb Cacklefest on the Saturday evening.
Shot by Rob Ashard on a Canon XA25. Edited in FCPX.

This is the final part of Rob’s West Coast Tour.

The Webblast is currently planning a holiday special which we hope to air in the week before Christmas. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and this website for updates.