Monthly Archives: April 2013

CWB 04 is in the feed

CWB 04 is up now, and once again we are guests of Tom Falconer at Claremont Corvette in Kent, UK. This time host Rob Ashard is joined by Dan Adovasio and Jake Drennon via Skype from the USA. These are the guys behind the C5 and C6 Corvette registry, and we hear about their achievements so far and their plans for the C7 Stingray Registry. Also with Rob is his old CCCUK Kent area co-rep, Gary Garwood, and, as usual, our ALMS correspondent in Chicago, Nigel Dobbie in an all-too-short chat due to technical difficulties with our Skype laptop. We also discuss some ignition problems that Rob has with his 75.

Recording on 18th April

Guest availability means that we have shifted our recording back to tomorrow 18th April at Claremont Corvette. Rob will be joined by Tom Falconer and Gary Garwood at Claremont and Nigel Dobbie will join us live from the US.

As well as general Corvette chat Gary and Nigel will be bringing us news from Sebring, don’t miss it!