CWB 09 The CCCUK Edition

In CWB 09 we talk to Keith Beschi, a long-time member of the CCCUK. Keith has a very interesting and rare ZR1/LT5 “Mule”, -a car used for development. This was found in a scrapyard and had come from Lotus UK who had done that work. Keith used as many original bits as possible along with parts from a donor car of similar age to rebuild it. It’s the earliest known LT5-powered car, and also the first UK registered car to be displayed at the Corvette Museum. We also briefly talk about Tom’s Rotary Prototype car too.
CWB 09 is our first webcast where everyone in it is a member of the CCCUK. With Rob having the least amount of CCCUK years under his belt at 17, and Tom a founder member, there was collectively a fair number of membership-years amongst us (Rob, Gary, Tom, Nigel and Keith), so we also discuss the history of the CCCUK, and why it’s a great idea to be part of it. Released just before the CCCUK 2014 Nationals.


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