Monthly Archives: July 2014

Fire Burnouts at Dragstalgia 2014

Dragstalgia 2014, and the Saturday finished with five fire burnouts. Here they all are, but do hang around for number five! John Everitt sat in the flames for an eternity before hitting the load pedal and getting out of there. Very spectacular, but he may need a trip to the paintshop! Thanks to Colin Theobald and Darryl Bradford for the commentary, and Julian Parsons at Nitro FM 96.2FM for giving me that audio.

Pure Hell and Rat Trap AA Fuel Altereds at Dragstalgia 2014

Corvette Web Blast goes to the fantastic 2014 Dragstalgia event at Santa Pod Raceway, UK. Two burnouts and races between the Pure Hell and Rat Trap AA Fuel Altereds. Shot from the grandstands handheld, so a bit wobbly I’m afraid. Still well worth the watch!

CWB 10 Tore Skjaerstad’s 76

Here’s a car that did very well at the 2014 CCCUK Nationals, taking the “Best In Show”, and “Best Paint” trophies. It belongs to Tore Skjaerstad and was built by Claremont Corvette in Kent, UK. We talk to Claremont’s owner and CWB regular, Tom Falconer about this extraordinary and stunning car.

This is the first of two bite sized webblasts. Please let us have your feedback. If you like them we will do more.