CWB 07 CCCUK Nationals 2013

The Corvette Web Blast visits the 2013 CCCUK Nationals at Putteridge Bury Conference Centre, near Luton. The weather forecast sadly kept the numbers down even though on the day we only got the lightest rain shower. Still a good range of cars from C1 to C6, although the older cars were thinner on the ground. As well as seeing them arrive and parked up (so hopefully you’ll see yours if you were there) we talk to some owners too and find out about their cars.

CWB vists the Corvette Club France’s 60th Celebration

We drive our 75 nearly 1000 miles over a long weekend to visit the motor racing circuit at La Ferté Gaucher where the Corvette Club France held their 60th Anniversary celebration. We also take in a cruise to a local Champagne producer, and on the Sunday, about 200 cars cruise around the circuit. Some in-car shots of this, plus many of the cars parked up. Nice to see so many Corvettes that we haven’t seen before!

CWB 06 Doug Fehan

Corvette Web Blast 06 features an in-depth interview with special guest, Corvette Racing’s Program Manager, Doug Fehan. Doug takes us through his motor racing career starting as a Stock Car driver in the late 60’s, through his promotion work with Mac Tools, Kenny Bernstein and others, to the start of the C5R race programme and right up to date with the C6R and the up-comming C7R. Doug joins us via Skype, along with Nigel Dobbie in Florida, with Rob Ashard, Tom Falconer and Gary Garwood at Claremont Corvette in Kent, UK.
By the way, watch out for Doug’s cats!

CWB 05 Harlan Charles


CWB 05 is on line now. Nearly 40 minutes of Chat with Corvette Product and marketing manager, Harlan Charles, mainly about the new C7. We’re also joined by Stephen Irons, honorary lifetime CCCUK member, now living in France, and then by Nigel Dobbie, live at the roadside in Alabama on the Powertour as many rods and fabulous cars go by. Nigel updates us on the ALMS series and also, along with Stephen, gives us his thoughts on the upcoming real deal, Le Mans.

CWB 04 is in the feed

CWB 04 is up now, and once again we are guests of Tom Falconer at Claremont Corvette in Kent, UK. This time host Rob Ashard is joined by Dan Adovasio and Jake Drennon via Skype from the USA. These are the guys behind the C5 and C6 Corvette registry, and we hear about their achievements so far and their plans for the C7 Stingray Registry. Also with Rob is his old CCCUK Kent area co-rep, Gary Garwood, and, as usual, our ALMS correspondent in Chicago, Nigel Dobbie in an all-too-short chat due to technical difficulties with our Skype laptop. We also discuss some ignition problems that Rob has with his 75.